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KWX-ATS16A8x2-H2C20 KWX-ATS16A8x2-H2C20 KWX 19" PDU 2 x Inputs C20 16A to 8x C13 + 2x C19 Rack mount Automatic Transfer Switch (8-12 ms Switching ) (KWX ATS). With bar unit remote monitoring tp Outlet metered KWX-N2 Range


KWX-ATS32A8x2H2 KWX-ATS32A8x2H2 PDUeX Auto Transfer Switch 2 x Inputs 32A IND309 to 8xC13 + 2xC19 Lockable Outlets, Surge Protected and High speed (8-12 ms Switching ) 32 Amp Feed KWX-N2 Range