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HellermannTyton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for fastening, fixing, installing, connecting, insulating, protecting and identifying electrical cables and data network infrastructure. We also develop parts for customer-specific industrial applications.

Fibre Cables ( Rapid Net )

Rapid Net Fibre Cables

- Up to 85% time saving on installation

- Factory pre-terminated and tested


Rapid Net Fibre MPT System 

- MPT - 12 Fibre Cable link

- MPT- Fly end 12 x LC Connectors

Cassette to Plug 

- Cat 6 UTP

Cassette to Cassette 

- Cat 6 UTP 6 x Cable


Coolports and Panels ( Hellermann )

RapidNet Panel

RN2408-UL 19

RN4808-UL 19

Hellermann Coolports

- Adapters to make the most of your existing installed cables




Alternatives and Custom Requirements

Other Products

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Custom Requirements

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More about the manufacturer

Hellermann Tyton's mission is to provide innovative solutions, and quality products that add value to electrical and communication networks, to be the distributors partner of choice. And thats why we offer a range of Hellermann products, to suit the needs of many.