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Mcab enclosures are designed and built in the UK from high quality British steel these are primarily designed to house servers in different form factors (such as rack-mounted or blade servers). Each rack is prefabricated with slots for connecting electrical, networking and Internet cables. Mcab Cabinets & Server Racks are primary designed for use in the data centre however, the range of wall cabinets have a variety of use, although most racks are mainly designed to hold servers; acoustic racks, network racks and wall cabinets are designed to hold other components too, such as Networking equipment, (Network racks) Telecommunication equipment, (Wall Cabinets) Cooling systems, & even UPS...


Mcab: Server Racks

'Pro Range'

These racks aren't your average computer server racks, they included high quality mesh doors, solid steel framework for structural rigidity as well as being heavy duty 1500kg rated.

Wall Boxes

A Wall box is smaller type of rack, with a clear or tinted front door for visibility to view local servers, networking devices, cables and other small computing equipment.

Network Racks 

Network racks are designed for networking equipment, with a tinted front door again for clear visibility. Also with roof ventilation for networking devices to remain optimal. 

Co-location Racks 

A Co-location rack is very similar to a standard server rack, however it is separated or split into multiple compartments either 2 way or 4 way which are divided equally. (2:1)





Mcab: Accessories

Secure Locking Handles

Mcab's secure access locking handles are easily installed onto almost any cabinet door. They are available with remote access via software, SmartCard and Pin Code or SmartCard and Fingerprint (Biometric).

Enline System

This system is compatible with all S-Lock Mcab handles but is primarily designed for the standard remote access model (MCB-SLOCK-H001).

Bus System

The Bus System is an access control system, that saves costs by eliminating the need for a controller, network point & power supply.

Control Box

The Control box is is a Sentry access control solution, which delivers physical access control to mission critical IT server cabinets.

RFID Card & Card Reader

The RFID Card Reader capable of signing and managing RFID SmartCards, these allow secure rack assess to the user with credentials.

Contact Closures

Contacts to allow automated locking after the rack handle has been opened monetarily as well as locking immediately after clsoing the door.



Mcab: Software & Licensing 

Client Software & Licence (Rack Management)

The DAS Server Client software system allows the user to remotely access, control and monitor rack level security via the contact closures connection to the intelligent S-lock locking handles which link to the greater bus system and local control box.


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