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Mediatron are the UK's leading KVM Distributor, we carry the largest range of Adder products in the UK. Most stock available now for delivery next day, enabling us to offer the quickest delivery times. We also offer specialist expert advice, installation or setup assistance and can offer you the lowest level trade only pricing.


* Become an Authorised Adder Reseller    -  Benefits include:  Training, product updates, deal registration ability and additional loyalty discount - our backup team can also assist you in solution planning and installation -  Apply today - Call us now - 0845 899 8998




A powerful and flexible HDMI KVM over IP contained within a compact unit

The 'ALIF-4000' (4K KVM)

The world's first dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM fiber extender

DVI Video & USB Control Products Control Room and High Performance KVM Matrix Systems

KVM Matrix Switch DDX System

Digital KVM system for Datacentre multiple server access





User Station

Adder Infinity Systems 

Control System Solutions

Comprising multiple units and a device management. We offer the assistance of system planning, full installation or system configuration

Adderlink Infinity


- Call us for Planning or installation services


Adderview Pro DVI KVM Switches

Available for SingleDual Triple and Quad Video

DVI UTP Extenders DVI - PRO


IP Access DVI video and USB

Adder Infinity Digital IP Control

Transmitter and Reciever units

INFINITY 1 / Single Video over Cat5/6 UTP Cabling

INFINITY 2/ Dual Video + option of Cabling UTP or Fibre SFP

Adder XDIP

IP KVM units transmitter or receiver matrix system



Remote - IP KVM  access to DVI Video

Real VNC viewer


Network Management units for control of multiple Infinity transmitters and Receivers

See the Adder Case Studies eg. BBC - Science Museum plus

Data Centre Use, Matrix KVM Switches and Systems

Single IP KVM VGA Access

Single User Remote only Access

Single Remote and Local Access

AVX Range IP Remote IP KVM Access to UTP Cat5/6 VGA    

1 IP User + Local Access4 IP User + Local Access AVX5000 4 IP

CAM's for server connections


ADDER.NET Centralized IP Management

AVX Range Local KVM Access over UTP Cat5/6

RDX- KVM Console Drawer access and switch

1 Local User,   4 Local User
User Station

CAM's for server connection

Local Access CatX KVM Switches

AVX1000 - Single User

AVX4000 - 4 User



AVX CAM's Computer access modules

AVX5000 - 4 User IP

Adder Specialist KVM Switches

KM Trader Switch and Control only Switches


Adder Secure KVM Switches

EAL4+ Certified

EAL4+ Certified & Tempest Qualified

Adder AV Pro VGA - KVM Switch

VGA & USB Range KVM Switches       MULTI-SCREEN

Single Video, Dual, Triple, Quad


Adder AV Pro DVI - KVM Switch

DVI & USB KVM Switches               MULTI-SCREEN       

Single VideoDual, Triple, Quad 

Adder KVM Extenders

All types and capabilities call us for advice 0845 899 8998



IP Lan KVM Extender

with matrix possibilities



AdderLink XD Fibre Optic


Fibre Optic DVI USB extenders

AdderLink X100 and X200 Ranges


X100 Short Range VGA PS2-PC (PS2/USB)

X200 Emulated USB 300mtr VGA USB

X-USB PRO VGA Full USB 2.0 &   X50

X-USBPRO 300 Mtr long range

X50 Range 50 Mtr

Single or Dual Screen

AdderLink XD Range



XD150 DVI High Res Direct

XD522 HDMI Dual 4K High Res Direct


AdderLink X-DVI- & DVIPRO


AdderLink X2 SILVER

KVM + Serial RS232

Dual Access

AdderLink  X2 GOLD

KVM with High Quality Audio

Dual Access

AdderLink X-KVM 

Long range VGA and PS2


Simple VGA and PS2 

Video and Audio AV Extenders and Splitters

VGA ALPV Extenders

VGA UTP Extension 

Line powered



AdderLink DV Extenders

Digital Extension and splitting


AdderLink ALAV  VGA & Audio 

VGA UTP Splitting and Broadcasting

A whole range of Transmitters, Receivers and Extenders 


 Adder CUSBEXT100 

 USB 2.0 Extension

Adder CUSB-EXT100-UK USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Extender System. USB UTP Extender

INFINITY KVM Extender 100T Models



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Company Overview

With over 30 years experience, Adder Technology's solutions are renowned for their technical excellence, reliable performance and robust manufacture. Adder design and manufacture an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions which enable the reliable control of local, remote and global IT systems.


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