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Mediatron has been a specialist Raritan KVM distributor since 2002 with top level Raritan trained engineers and sales staff we can help you correctly specify any Raritan system part. Please just state the type of device or part you are looking for. So for any project, large or small, contact us to quote you the most competitive pricing on the latest products with the corrrect compatible parts. Our long experience and status with Raritan ensures you will get complete support when needed no matter how you bought your equipment.  We can design complete solutions to a requirement and register the project ASAP for you to help safeguard your deal and guarantee lowest trade pricing. TRADE DEAL ADVANTAGE - This is first come, first service deal registered with Raritan for our re-sellers so we recommend this is done at the start of any larger project and when you have first decided on the projects components. For customers in the UK this should always be done through us, UK Distribution, Mediatron, to guarantee the best deal price,

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Raritan Dominion: Datacentre IP KVM Switching & Serial Console Control




DKX3 (Dominion KXIII)

Enterprise High Performance IP KVM

Product Models | CIMs | Spec Sheet

DKX4 (Dominion KXIV) 

4K IP KVM Switch Single-Port Solution

Product Model | CIMs | Spec Sheet

DKX3-UST (Dominion UST)

High Performance IP KVM Switch Access

Rack KitCIMs | Spec Sheet

DKX4-UST (Dominion UST)

4K High Performance IP KVM Access

Rack Kit | CIMs | Spec Sheet

DSX2 (Dominion SXII)

Next Generation Serial Console Server

Product Models | Adaptors | Spec Sheet

DLX2 (Dominion LX II) SMB's

Small to Midsize Business IP KVM Switch

Product Models | CIMs | Spec Sheet

Raritan: DCIM Data Centre Access Control and Management



Raritan Command Center 

Secure gateway access & control of entire IT infrastructure via single system

Appliance Models | VA Software | Spec Sheet

Channel Installation, configuration and support services available 

Power IQ 


Management of PDU's & Environment

Powered by Sunbird (Raritan Partner)

Raritan: KVM Extending / AV

C5R-DVI-HD (CAT5 Reach)

DVI KVM Extender over Cat5 @1080p

Product Model | Warranty | Spec Sheet

Serial Access Modules (DSAM)

Java-free serial access to LAN & Routers

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Raritan: Rackmount Console Drawers

LCD Console Drawers

LED-backlit connect to existing KVM

Product Models | Spec Sheet

MasterConsole Digital KVM

LCD console drawers with integrated KVM

Product Models | CIMs | Spec Sheet

Raritan: Cat 5 KVM Switches ( Local )

MasterConsole Digital Video

Digital Desk and Rack KVM Switches

Product Models | CIMs | Spec Sheet

Paragon II (EOL) Spares & service

Cat5 Analog KVM for IT & broadcast

Product Models | CIMs | Spec Sheet


 Raritan: Secure Switches (RSS) 

Secure KVM Switches

High security KVM Switches (NIAP 3.0)

Product ModelsSpec Sheet

Secure KVM Cables 

Secure switch sheilded suitable cables


Raritan: Desktop KVM Switches (Basic)

ExpreZo EZswitch (EOL)

Combined Desktop/Rack Analog KVM

Product Models | Spec Sheet

CompuSwitch (EOL)

Expandable Combined Desktop Analog KVM

Models: DesktopRack Mounted | Cables




Raritan: Rack Management

SmartLock System

Networked, Electronic Access Control

Product Models | Extra's | Spec Sheet

SRC - Smart Rack Controller

Rack Access & Control with Sensors

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Intelligent Asset Tags

Electronic Asset Management & Tagging

TYPE: Tags / Rack Bar | Spec Sheet


Comprehensive Environmental Sensors

Product ModelsSpec Sheet

Raritan: PDU ( Power Distribution Units )


Raritan PDU Selector

Select the exact specification PDU

you require with the Raritan Selector tool:


PDU Selector: Click Here

Price & Availability: Click Here



Please Note: Many PDU's are BTO (Built to Order)*

BTO units are generally available in 6-8 weeks,

Non cancellable once ordered see further details below.



See overfor information about Raritan Codes & Ranges ->


Raritan Network port changes PX3

Raritan Power Control / PDU's


PX-1000 Metered PDU's

PX-2000 BTO PDU's

PX-3000 Inline Meters

PX-5000 Intelligent PDU's

Static Transfer STS/ATS


Raritan Locking Power Cables: 

SecureLock Power Cables






Raritan Network port specification changes PX3

Environmental Sensors

Temp, Humity, Airflow, Leak, Pressure..

Product Range | Spec Sheet

Branch Circuit Monitoring (BCM2)

Cost Effective, Modular, Scalable Metering

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Power IQ

Environmental Monitoring Software

Powered by Sunbird (Raritan Partner)


DCIM Operations Software

Powered by Sunbird (Raritan Partner)


Raritan: BTO Special orders*

Special size or configuration Raritan PDU products are also available (BTO) built to order these items can often be seen on the Raritan PDU Configurator or suggested by Raritan to meet specific requirements. The lead-time of BTO items is typically 6-8 weeks, however this is estimated and not guaranteed, will be stated at time of quote and again at time of order. Please note these special BTO items are non cancellable from time of order once in process, if the lead-time is too long or of concern due to time constraints please speak to your account manager to see if an alternative model product is available from stock or more generally available.


Understanding the Codes and Ranges

Raritan PDU's started with the DPX then as specifications advanced the PX, PXE, PX2, and now the PX3 some now with the new IX7 removable controller. Hence codes eg. PX3- Then the range number PX3-1 ie 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000 indicates the PDU's functions monitoring, switching or both.


eBay Case Study - Real-Time Energy Optimization and Best Practices In a Mission-Critical Data Center 


Raritan is part of the Legrand Group of companies and may have suitable products from other group brands for any requirement including PDU, Server enclosure racking, Cooling, Power and Cabling management  - SEE OTHER GROUP BRANDS



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EOL/ Clearance / support / spares and solutions parts available : DKX2, PX2, DPXS, Paragon, P2CIM, DPX Range PDU'sVertical DPX Range PDU's