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Via Channel - Support & Maintenance Services

Trade Only Supplied Services.


Technical Assistance:

Telephone: 0345 899 8998

Free Technical Support - Pre sales & after sales Including warranty... 


Manufacturer Direct Technical Telephone Support

Telephone techical support call can be arranged for some issues also follow the clock 24/7 emails support international coverage on some equipment brands.


Additional/Extra Warranty:

Additional or exhanced manufacturers warranty can be purchased for selected products


In Warranty Returns:

Warranty Contact:

Call 0345 899 8998 for assistance or a return request form


Out of Warranty Repairs:

Some hardware can be repaired: Click here to learn more

"However there is a set charge for pre-quote inspections"


Channel Supplied -  Onsite Maintenance and Support Options:

Channel supply onsite maintenance for premium specialist hardware.


These Trade contract services are available for channel only allowing our resellers to offer this service system directly to the end site required,  maintenance contract directly for the client site. Pricing only via Reseller.

UK National coverage.  Onsite support is available from our specialist maintenance devision for many higher value and critical appliances.  Onsite maintenance is available for brands: Raritan, Adder Technology, Rose Electronics, Aten, Austin Hughes, Sierra. We have a selection of cover options available to suite most customer needs:




A)  Bronze Advance Replacement supply service only:- Monday - Friday - Premium extra service to warranty.

B)  Silver 8x5 NBD with the onsite maintenance cover time as follows:- Office Hours:- Monday - Friday, 0900 - 1700 excluding bank and public holidays

C)  Gold 24x7:8 hour site response onsite maintenance agreements:- 24 Hours per day, 365 days per year including bank and public holiday

D)  Platinum 24x7:4 hour site response onsite maintenance agreements:- 24 Hours per day, 365 days per year including bank and public holiday 


We can offer a one, two or special three year agreement for the price of 30 Months. Plus 5 year plans..

Please note that separate maintenance terms and conditions apply, over our standard goods and services supply business terms.

The client will have an emergency contact number directly to the supporting engineers office or they can alert them or us through you.

On site Maintenance requires details on the product serial number and the products location site and contacts of this location, response times and service is calculated to this named recorded site only. Any changes to this must be notified to us and our maintenance supporting partners to be able to support correctly. Any failure to provide correct product or site location information may result in breach of the contract and stated service terms and the products may not be covered. For a support Quotation or further details contact:

Third party UK onsite support:


User Training:

We can offer training services in the UK for some products we supply. As distributors of the leading brands: Raritan, Rose Electronics, Adder Technology, Aten, Austin Hughes and Fujitsu. Some systems may be confusing to operate for your customers if you or they require any training or instructional assistance. Please contact us:



We can assist with your installation requirements for technical hardware & specialist software from our products range. In addition to this we are also able to assist with AV, KVM, Network installation requirement where we or carefully chosen partners can be introduced for subcontracting. Please contact us: / Installation service options...