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ATEN Distributor - Aten excels in connectivity and management solutions in Information technology, AV and green energy...

Mediatron has been a trade distributer of Aten Technology for over 20 years. We provide the full range of their KVM & AV switch models. ATEN offers a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of consumers, office workers, home users, local data centers... Mediatron Ltd are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Aten products and our Aten products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Aten UK. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact Aten UK. 

Mediatron can assist you the reseller with Aten product solutions, installation and channel onsite maintenance.


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* ATEN are currently offering Home Office Solutions to enable users to remotely work from home effectively. *


ATEN Modular Martix Systems & Bundles:

A/V Video Wall Switches & Matrix Bundles...

Video Wall Solutions (VM Range)

ATEN VanCryst™ - Modular Matrix Switches

Product Models | Chassis | Spec Sheet

Bundle Deals *NEW*

AV over IP and HDBaseT Solutions          IP-KVM - Remote Access Solutions

See all ATEN Bundles


Need more than just a switch? * Checkout our latest ATEN EDGE: 'Loaded Rack' Solution *


ATEN Video Presentation Switches: 

Collaborative Video Conference Solutions... 

VP1920 (4K VP Switch) *NEW*

3-in-1 presentation switch that integrates a video matrix - designed to boost efficiency

Product ModelSpec Sheet

VP2730 (HDBaseT VP Switch) *NEW*

Multi-in-one presentation switch that integrates video matrix with scaler

Product Model | Spec Sheet

VP1420 (4K VP Switch) *NEW*

Multi-in-one presentation switch integrates video matrix with a true 4K scaler

Product Model | Spec Sheet

VP2120 (Seamless Switch) *NEW*

Seamless Presentation Switch that integrates video matrix with quad-view multistreaming

Product Model | Spec Sheet

VP1421 (4K VP Scalable) *NEW*

Multi-in-one VP switch that integrates a video matrix switch, 4K scaler & HDBaseT extender

Product Model | Spec Sheet


ATEN KVM Switches:

Remote IP KVM, Desktop, Cable, Secure, Office...

Desktop KVM Switches

4K to VGA: The full range of KVM switches made for office & home use

Product Models | Spec Sheet 

Cable KVM Switches

Small KVMs designed to take up as little space as possible with maximum functionality

Product Models | Spec Sheet

IP KVM Switches (KN Range)

4th Generation, HD, IP KVMs exceeding expectations with superior video quality

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Secure KVM Switches

PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVMs designed to meet stringent security requirements

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Single User IP KVM (CN Range)

Cost-efficient, Remote Access KVM with local & remote connection options

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Serial Console Servers (SN Range)

Secure serial access, easy management and comprehensive data centre control.

Product Models | Spec Sheet


ATEN KVM Consoles:

LCD Consoles, Rack Mounted, High Density, Remote Access, Industrial...

LCD KVM Consoles

Visual KVM Package: LED / LCD monitor with integrated keyboard and touchpad

Product Models | Rack Kit | Spec Sheet

Rack Mounted KVMs

Specially designed KVM that consolidates access & control from a single user

Product Models | Spec Sheet

High Density KVMs (KH Range)

1U High-Density IP KVM for convenient rack mounting and remote access

Product Models | Cables | Spec Sheet

IP KVM Extenders (KE Range)

IP KVM Matrix Extender bringing together unique features & new technologies

Product Models | CCKM | Spec Sheet


ATEN AV - Video Devices:

Video Switches, Splitters, Extenders & digital video KVMs...

Video Switches 

Receive multimedia data from the network and make it available to the video system

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Video Extenders

Enables the video signal to be stretched and carried even further across multiple screens

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Video Splitters

Video signal is taken from a single video source and replicated over multiple monitors

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Digital Video KVM Switches

Allows a user to control multiple digital video outputs and function from a single point

Product Models | Spec Sheet


Adaptors / Converters

A Range of: KVM Switches, Matrix Systems, Video Devices, PDU's, Adaptors, Converters & Solutions...

Crash Cart Adapter *NEW*

The World's Smallest Portable Laptop USB / VGA Console Adaptor (CV211)

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Specialist Adapters

Cost effective, high performance signal conversion solution. From VGA, to HDMI

Product Models | Spec Sheet

KVM Adaptors (KA Range)

Cost effective choice for installs with a small form factor & light weight design

Product Models | Spec Sheet


Power Management (PDUS / UPS / Monitoring)

Power Distribution, Emergency Power, Power Monitoring 

Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

NRGence Eco PDU's: Energy Intelligent mechanisms to optimize energy needs

Product Models | Spec Sheet

ECO DC Software

Energy & DCIM Management Software, perfectly synergized with NRGence PDU's

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Professional Online UPS *NEW*

Pro UPS providing emergency power to load when input power source fails

Product Models | Spec Sheet

PDU Accessories

NRGence™ Environmental Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure...

Product Models | Spec Sheet


Management Systems

Remain in control of your facilities...

Control Keypad System *NEW*

Fully-customizable 12-button keypad designed for use with the ATEN Control System solution

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Remote 'VM' Control APP *NEW*

Video Matrix Control App turns your mobile phone into a remote control for the Aten 'VM' Matrix Range

Product Model | Spec Sheet

Centralized Management Software (CC2000)

Centralized Management software 3.0 providing comprehensive solution for IT 

Product Models | Spec Sheet

Video Session Recording Software (CCVSR)

Control Center Video Recording software: live monitoring & operation backtracking

Product Model | Spec Sheet

'KE' Centralized Matrix Management Software (CCKM)

Centralize Control & Management of KE devices via a user-friendly, web GUI.

Product Model | Spec Sheet



More About the Manufacturer

'Simply Better Connections'


Aten's Vision “Simply Better Connections®” has always been at the heart of the ATEN brand. It means providing innovative solutions for you to make better connections, efficiently and seamlessly, to the information and people that you value. As a result, ATEN connects you to the world, anytime and anywhere, by providing technologies that enable you to share and to care. ATEN makes professional and personal life easier, simpler and better connected.