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Aten Products

Trade Distributor for Aten

ATEN excels in connectivity and management solutions in information technology, professional audio/video and green energy business, here at Mediatron we have been a long term trade distributer of Aten Technology that’s why we provide a full range of their KVM switch market. ATEN offers a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of consumers, office workers, home users, local data centers...

Mediatron Ltd are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Aten products and our Aten products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Aten UK. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact Aten UK. 


Aten Products range and KVM Switches

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KVM Desk Top Switches

- PS2 & DVI

KVM Cable Switches

- PS2 & VGA Video

- USB & VGA Video

- USB & DVI Video

- USB & Display Port Video


KVM Switches

Hardware that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice.


Cable KVM Switches

Physical Cable used to conect Kvm systems togther to other devices including matrix systems, PDUs, PC and other output devices.

Secure KVM

ATEN PSS PP v3.0 Secure KVM's are specifically designed to meet the stringent security requirement of secure defense and intelligence installations.

Control Keypad System

The VK112EU is a fully-customizable 12-button keypad designed for use with the ATEN Control System. The keypad provides an interface to control devices in a room from a standard wall mounted faceplate.

KVM Switches Rack Mounted

Ranges: ( Altusen ) - KH98

- KH: KH1508A / KH1516A

- CS: CS9134CS9138

KVM Console LCD Rackmount

- 1 U All in One Rackmount

- Standard KVM Switches

- KVM Drawers with Cat5 Switches

- KVM Drawers with IP Access

Matrix KVM Over IP Extenders KE Series

- ke 6900/6940

- ke 8952/8952

 Remote Access KVM Switches KN Series

- KN 1000

- KN 2000

- KN 4000

- KN 8000

Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

- Eco NRGence PDU

- Horizontal PDU

- Vertical PDU

Power Management

CC2000 Control Centre Software

Serial Console Servers

- Port: 8 / 16 / 32 / 48

 Video Switches

Such devices receive multimedia data from the network and make it available to the stereo or video system.

Video Extenders

Again a device switch enables the video signal to be stretched and carried even further across multiple screens




Video Splitters

A video splitter is a device that takes one signal from a video source and replicates it over multiple monitors this is available in VGADVI, DP, & HDMI

Digital Video KVM Switches

A Digital KVM switch is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from a single point using the same keyboard, video display monitor and mouse.

Video Wall Solutions

Also known as the 'VM' Range..

These are modular Matrix Switches offering advanced access and real-time control of multiple local and remote A/V input devices and displays from a single chassis

Multiscreen KVM Switches 

This technology evolves a KVM connection to several auditoriums each with its own screen, so as to show different Images or display at the same time (Models: DVI / VGA)

KVM Switch Adaptor KA Series

Lifetime firmware upgrades

Superior video quality

Hot pluggable

CAT-5 High Density KVM Switch KH Series

The KH Range features RJ-45 connectors and Cat 5 cable to link to the computers with ease

Crash Cart Adapter

The World's Smallest Portable Laptop USB Console Adaptor with additional port adaptors "Converts your laptop to a mobile crash cart function


DisplayPort Adapters

Provide a cost-effective yet high performance signal conversion solution. From VGA, to DVI, HDMI or even HDMI with Active 4K. Also see: HDMI to VGA



More About the Manufacturer

'Simply Better Connections'


Aten's Vision “Simply Better Connections®” has always been at the heart of the ATEN brand. It means providing innovative solutions for you to make better connections, efficiently and seamlessly, to the information and people that you value. As a result, ATEN connects you to the world, anytime and anywhere, by providing technologies that enable you to share and to care. ATEN makes professional and personal life easier, simpler and better connected.