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Founded in 1995, Austin Hughes Electronics Ltd is a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of solutions based around 19 inch rack mount technology. These solutions include Server Rack Enclosures, LCD Keyboard and KVM drawers, IP KVM Switches, IP Power Management, Industrial LCD panels, Embedded PC's and High Density Rack Mount Servers.

Austin Hughes solutions provide data centre managers and administrators instant secure, local and remote access control to mission critical equipment. Our leading edge CyberViewTM LCD drawer and KVM (keyboard, Video and Mouse) Solutions provide the widest range, available on the shortest lead-times in the European market today whilst ensuring capital equipment and software management costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Austin Hughes Products Range

KVM Drawers

- With built in DVI KVM Switch

Plain drawer



KVM Drawers

- 8 & 16 Port KVM Switch

KVM SwitchKVM Drawer with IP Access

KVM Switches

- KVM CyberView (Cat 6)

- KVM CyberView Combo

- KVM Matrix CyberView

Infra Power PDU Solutions

- Metered

- Metered & Monitored





Various Sizes and configurations of PDU Available, with various options of Monitoring or remote switching





F- Series KVM Drawers - Enhanced

- Ultra Short Depth 400mm

- KVM Drawers F1417 Series




Rack Mount Keyboards

- Keyboard & Touchpad / trackball Only

N-Series KVM Drawers - Enhanced

- Short depth below 500mm 

KVM Drawers N1417/N1419 Series

Integrated Access and Control & Enviromental Monitoring for Data Centres

- Infra Solution 800: 

- IS-820 - Access Control

- IS-840 - Access Control

- Multifunction Access contecting to Smart Handle, Sensors, Cooling, PDU's


N-Series KVM Drawers with KVM Switch - Enhanced 

- KVM Drawer with Standard KVM Switch

( 8 port / 16 port )

- KVM Drawer with UTP KVM Switch

( 8 port / 16 port / 32 port )

- KVM Drawer with IP Access and UTP KVM Switch

( 16 port / 32 port )

- KVM Drawer with IP Access and Matrix KVM Switch

( 16 port / 32 port )

Austin Hughes  Local CatX KVM Switches.

Compatible with KVM Drawers or stand alone


8 Port KVM Switch    /  U-801

16 Port KVM Switch  / U-1601   U-1602

32 Port KVM Switch  / U-3202



Austin Hughes  IP KVM Switches

Compatible with KVM Drawers or Standalone LOCAL & IP Remote Access


8 Port IP KVM Switch      / UIP-802

16 Port IP KVM Switches / UIP-1602

32 Port IP KVM Switch    /  UIP-3202



Austin Hughes Local KVM Switches


4K 8port KVM Switch 60Hz DVI&DP    / CV-801K


12 Port KVM Switch DVI-D                / CV-1201D



All Austin Hughes Solutions are configured and supported from a UK facility and are offered on short lead times into mainland Europe / surrounding areas