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DSXA-32-DL ( Dominion SX32) 32 Port
Raritan Dominion SX Secure Serial, Dual Power Console Server. With 2 x Local & Dual Ethernet IP User Ports, 128-bit SSL, AC Power ( BTO)

Raritan Dominion DSX-A-32 version pictured with Dual Power supply
( AC differs no modem but 2 console ports, DL differs with Dual Ethernet no modem but 2 x serial console and DLM has Dual Ethernet )

Raritan Dominion SX
Dominion SX provides secure access technology and is the most straightforward cost-effective tool available to reduce network downtime as well as overall IT costs. Now with Dual power supply as standard.
Take a look at the ROI:

  • Slashes expensive downtime by providing network-independent access, via modem, to serial devices in emergencies

  • Dramatically cuts management costs by eliminating expensive 24x7 IT support at all locations

  • Significantly reduces the burden and expense of unplanned downtime, while maximizing uptime

  • Diminishes the need for expensive and inconvenient travel to remote locations

  • Simple
  • Easy and convenient point-and-click access via a Web browser from a desktop or laptop

  • No need to acquire, manage and maintain SSH and/or terminal client software for the host and client

  • Simplifies system administration tasks with TCL scripting for remote monitoring and event notification

  • Sets up in minutes via 'plug-and-play' with no complicated client software

  • Secure
  • Maximizes security - encrypts all communications with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) handshake protocol and RC4 encryption

  • Architecture prevents unauthorized or inadvertent adds, changes and deletes, and does not allow access to the console server's operating system

  • Provides common Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for all users and administrators

  • Supports user-defined security certificates

  • Encrypts and stores all user names and passwords encrypted with MD5 hashed key

  • Provides IP Access Control Lists (ACL) that restrict access from certain IP addresses

  • Includes 'SecureChat', a feature allowing up to 10 users per port to collaborate with 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Scalable
  • Can scale up to 10,000 devices when
    deployed in conjunction with Raritan's CommandCenter™

  • Supports up to 320 users on a single box

  • Applications
  • Remote console management

  • Server and network management

  • Industrial/commercial automation
  • Features:
    32 x Serial Ports

  • 2 x Local Console Ports

  • li>2 x Ethernet Ports
  • 1U rack mountable

  • Multi-platform: Solaris®, HP-UX, UNIX®, Linux and Windows® 2003 Servers

  • SSL security with RC4 encryption

  • Browser-based administration allows remote system maintenance and true "lights-out" operations

  • Monitor up to 32 separate servers/devices on one server

  • Dual Feed Power
  • DSX Range Typical Setup - Please Note :Features of Modem Access not on all models, as for Dual Ethernet and console options

    Number Of Serial Ports x 32

  • 2 x Console Ports )

  • Dual Ethernet Ports

  • Dual Feed Power

  • Dimensions
  • SX 32 1.75” (44mm) 17.25" (438mm) 11.34" (288mm) 10 lb (4.53kg)

  • Form Factor
  • 1U, full width, rack mountable(brackets included)

  • Power
  • 110/220V auto-switching: 50-60 Hz

  • Environmental Requirements
  • Operating Temperature 32° (0°C) to 104° (40°C)

  • Humidity 20% - 85% RH

  • Altitude Operates properly at any altitude between 0 to 10,000 feet

  • Remote Connection
  • Network 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)


  • Warranty
  • Two years with Advanced Replacement Guardian - Extended Warranty Available