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PDU-H-C138/C192-C20 Mixed Outlet 10 Way Horizontal 8x C13& 2x C19 Socket PDU to 16A C20 Plug 1.5U

Mixed outlet C13 & C19 PDU

Horizontal IEC PDU. 19" Rack fit Horizontal Mixed Outlets of C13 and C19 for server and data cabinets. Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are units which are mounted into a rack cabinet, to provide power for any equipment. These horizontal PDUs are 1.5U in height, and are built using a tough aluminium extrusion. All PDUs have a 3m power lead as standard, with the stated supply connector fitted.

C20 Feed plug fitted. Regularly used with UPS systems. The power supply from a UPS Output should limit the maximum supply to the maximum 16 Amps.
A switch cover and shrouded switch prevent the accidentally turned on or off of the PDU


10 Way Horizontal 8 x C13 and 2 x C19 Sockets PDU with input C20 Plug

Input: C20 Plug Feed connector

PDU-H-C13-10-C14 8 Way Horizontal Mixed C13 & C19 Socket PDU with input C20 Plug

Horizontal IEC PDUs,
19" Rack fit Horizontal for server and data cabinets
8 x IEC C13 Outlets
2 x IEC C19 Outlets
C20 Feed 16 AMP Rated