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S220-2019 Packet Power Smart Cable 240V C20-C19, Power Monitoring Cable

PacketPower Smart Cable IEC 240v 10 Amp C13-C14 version

IEC 320 Type C20 Plug to C19 Socket

Smart Power Cables
The easiest way to monitor power Inline usage for one device, for an entire electrical circuit, or for hundreds of each.

Packet Power's Inline Smart Power Cables incorporate advanced power and temperature measurement technology into the power cable itself. When plugged in, the power cables automatically start recording power usage and sharing the information over a self-configuring wireless network.

Easily capture and analyze power usage

- Simple "plug and play" installation
- Use secure wireless communications to gather power usage data
- Full range of sizes to support power monitor for single devices or entire circuits
- Certified for use in many countries around the world
- Works with software offerings from Packet Power and others

Easy installation - no complex configuration
- Precisely measures amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, volt amps reactive, power factor, spikes and sags
- Communicates wirelessly to other cables within fifty to several hundred feet
- Supports single- and three-phase power, 120 and 208-240 volts, 10 to 100 amps
- Full range of IEC and NEMA connector types as well as Hubbell, RussellStoll and others.
- Maintains key data during power disruptions
Tracks temperature

Packet Power.
Smart Inline power monitoring Power Cables

Connections: IEC 320 C20 Plug to C19 Socket