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PEU-IECL-BK-03 IEC Lock 3 Mtr Power Lead EU Schuko Plug - Locking IEC 320 C13 Socket. Colour Black


Schuko Mains Lead with IEC Lock. European Schuko Power Schuko Plug - C13 with the unique built in IEC Locking C13 Connector. This locking method works when connected with any standard C14 Plug Connector as found on many devices. Resulting in your active equipment being locked to this C13 Feed cable. 1mm Core size suitable upto 10 Amps

- Moulded European style Schuko Plug

- Unique’ Female C13 Locking IEC connector

- Guards against accidental disconnection of computers, servers and most electrical appliances.

- Suitable for use with ‘ANY STANDARD’ IEC inlet

- Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet

- Protects appliances that are vulnerable to vibration

- Custom lengths available 300mm up to any length. Various cables lengths and assemblies are can be available as stock items with further combinations being available for special order

IEC LOCK Cable locking function

Non-rewireable Plug

Cable Size:

3 x 1.00mm2 H05 VV-F,
3 x 16, 3 x 18awg SVT / SJT
Also available in

Available Colours:

Black, Orange, Blue, Red & White

Test Information:

Test Body: KEMA, UL, SAA
Test Standard: IEC/EN 60320-1

Patent Information:

Patents: U.K. Patent
No. GB2383202B
International Patent application
No. PCT/GB02/05714

In the unlikely event of mechanical lock failure or breakage when connected or not connected to equipment the manufacturer’s warranty is for 1 year for replacement exchange on products returned only. No responsibility can be held for removal or consequential loses of any kind.

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