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RN0608060PPUG-7.5M RapidNet Cassette to Plug, 6 Cable UTP Category 6 LSZH 7.5 Mtr length

HT Cassette to Plug cable set Cat6 LSZH

The cassette to plug option is terminated with six RJ45s and is ideal for communication rooms and data centre installations.
* Communications rooms
* Data centres

* Factory pre-terminated and tested
* Up to 85% time saving on installation
* Meets all ISO/TIA Category 6 performance standards
* Backward compatible with C5E and C5
* High performance RJ45 plugs
* Each of the six loom legs can be manufactured to specific arrayed lengths

* Designed to present six preterminated Category 6 UTP/FTP un-shuttered outlets built into a protective case.
* Solid conductor cable with high performance RJ45 plugs
* The Black PC/ABS plastic Cassette is designed to clip into the mounting sleeve with the whole operation taking no more than seconds to complete.
* The quick release latches allow the cassette to be removed and replaced in the mounting sleeve allowing the assembly to be relocated, within a data centre for example, or used as a temporary installation.
* Jack life min. 1000 insertions