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KVMC-VOIP-005 VoIP phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol) LCD Display hand set with call information and Ringtone selection.

KVMC-VOIP-005 VoIP phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol) LCD Display handset with call information and Ringtone selection features.

VoIP phones (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allow users to communicate with others
using VoIP programs like Skype, MSN Messenger & Yahoo Messenger just to name a few, to make PC to PC, or PC to landline (if supported by VoIP telephony program) Phone calls
The VoIP Phones connect to a computer via USB Connection and provide USB Audio functions.
KVMC-VOIP-005 is more advanced and has more features than the KVMC-VOIP-001, it is supplied with a LCD
screen that shows call information, identifies which of your contacts are online and available (with
Skype operation only), controls your voice, ring and key tone volume, has 21 built in ring tones, allows
you to make and receive phone calls even if your monitor is turned off, displays call time and it also tells
the time as well! As with the VoIP-001, the audio is independent from the computer and allows you to
listen to music or even play a game whilst making a call.

System requirements :
PC compatible with USB operation
CD-ROM Drive
At least 10 Mb of Hard Drive Space
These products require an existing internet connection for operation, the keypad can only be used with VoIP telephony programs, which may require subscription and/or additional cost.

-PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation
-Compliant with USB1.1 Specification
-No need sound card
-No external power required
-Independent audio use, once set up you can listen to music whilst making a VoIP call
-Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol
-Caller ID function of VoIP calls
-199 incoming call and 199 dialed number
-With LCD and LED indications
-Echo cancellation, noise reduction
-Full duplex communication
-21 Built in Ring tones
-Control Voice, Ring & Key tones volume, Mute settings and name setting using the VoIP handset

-OS Compatibility: Windows
- 2000/XP/Me/98
- Compatible VoIP Software: MSN,
-NetMeeting, Yahoo Messenger, Skype
- Buttons: Answer/Dial, Hang up, Up,
- Down, Left, Right, Hold, Info, Star, Clear, Dial Pad
-Dimension: L x W x H 124 x 47.5 x 25.5mm
-Weight: 115g
-Cable Length: 180cm