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KVM Choice USB-UTPEXT-AA50-LC USB over UTP USB 1.1 Extender. Transmittter and Receiver low cost compact. ( 50 Mtr Range USB EXTENDER ONLY )

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USB over UTP Extender Transmitter and Receiver ( USB A plug - socket ) Low Cost Pair USB Extender

Please note : USB1.1 Signal Only Extender, not video.

This unique USB Extender allows you to locate a USB Device ( eg. Keyboard or Mouse )or Hub upto 50 Mtrs 165 ft away from your computer.
Normally USB can only work to a distance of 5 Mtrs on a standard cable.
With Patented ASIC technology this device conditions the USB signals to communicate up to 50Mtrs ( 165 ft ) over low cost standard Cat5/5E/6 UTP cable.

Multipurpose can be used for USB webcams for security applications, operate USB barcode scanners from a central comuter or simply extend a USB keyboard or printer accross the room.

UTP Cat 5/5e/6 Cable not included.

-Compliant with the standard specification USB 1.1
-Patented ASIC's ( Aplication Integrated Circuits ) built in
-Embedded USB Transceivers at both ends to prevent signal loss
-RJ45 Interfaces give easy cable extension upto 50 Mtrs ( 150 ft )
-Simple 2 Part set ( Master and Remote ) supplied
No Additional driver software required.

USB over UTP B- A Extender Transmittter and Receiver LC

- USB Cable Booster
- Compliant with the USB 1.1 specification
- Patented ASICís (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) built in
- Extends the distance of USB devices by up to 50 Mtrs using CAT 5/5E/6 Patch Cables
- Embedded USB Transceivers in each unit to prevent signal loss
- No external power needed
- No drivers needed
Local Unit cable length: 30 CM

PC END Master unit USB Male Plug on short 30 cm lead - RJ45 socket
Remote END unit USB Type( A) Female Socket - RJ45 Socket.
Max UTP Cable Length 50 Mtr ( 150 ft)

UTP Cat 5/5e/6 Cable not included.