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As you are undoubtably aware, due to the worldwide global pandemic, manufacturers are having to extend lead times for manufacturing due to global component shortages. Some hardware lines are now not shipping until 2022. This leaves you as a business unable to complete important projects.


ATEN Alternatives & Promotions

Aten, the global market leader in KVM solutions have teamed up with Mediatron to offer alternatives to these commonly purchased devices to allow you to proactively source solutions rather than suffer extended lead times, all whilst keeping an attractive price point.


KE8900ST (Trasmitter) *

Slim HDMI KVM over IP Matrix

Extender Solution with HDCP & VM

*Adder XDIP Alternative*

KE8900SR (Receiver) *

Slim HDMI KVM over IP Matrix

Extender Solution with HDCP & VM

*Adder XDIP Alternative*

CCKM (KE Matrix Manager)

Matrix Manager Software

With multi-display, fast switching and profile broadcasting

*Adder Infinity Matrix Alternative*

LCD Console Range (CL & KL)

KVM console drawer module serves as the front-end for standard KVM switches

*Stocked & Available for Delivery*

KE Range (IP KVM Extender)

KVM over IP Extender is a pair of compact and affordable high performance IP-based Transmitters & Receivers

*Adder Alif Extender Alternative*

KN Range (IP KVM)

KVM over IP switches, allows local console access and remote over IP access for operators to monitor and access their entire data center over a network using a web-based browser


NRGence (Intelligent PDU's)

Green energy power distribution units (PDUs) to effectively increase the efficiency of data center power usage.

*Raritan PX3 PDUs Alternatives*





All Products Available within 3 days to 2 week lead time. (Delivery)