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iPGARD - Secure Switches


Elevate your data security with our certified NIAP 3.0 and 4.0 PP Secure KVM switches, ensuring seamless control while safeguarding sensitive information. Select models include an optional dedicated Common Access Card (CAC) USB connection for enhanced authentication.


Secure KVM Switches

NIAP 4.0

Displayport models:

2 Port

4 port

8 port

NIAP 3.0


2 Port

4 Port



8 Port

16 Port


Secure Matrix / Secure KM

Secure Matrix Switches


4 Port

8 Port

Secure KM Switches


4 Port

8 Port


While not yet NIAP-certified, our Secure Networking solutions are compliant with PP 4.0 standards, offering a robust and secure network infrastructure designed to meet the highest standards for data protection and communication security.


Secure Networking

Secure Ethernet Switches

CAT 5/6/7

3 Port




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