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Data Centre Management

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Data Centre Management Products

Power, Switching, Storage, Control...


Gateway Centralised IP Management Access

All Gateways  

These products allow the Global access and control of multiple IP KVM or Serial console controllers as well as IP Management Servers cards. Suitable for Datacentres or multiple site access controlling the exact equipment selection availability for any remote users.

Power Management

DCIM - Power & Environmental Centralisation

DCIM - Full Instrastructure Management software

Bringing required information to a central access point of your monitored power consumption or environmental data. Also available to a different purpose Data Centre equipment planning and design to aid expansions and identify any vulnerabilities before action plans cause problems.

Over-IP KVM Switching

IP KVM Switch Systems

Single device access

Easy multiple server control to bios level offering high security but virtual media access when required, with high performance systems that can be accessed remotely via IP.


Power distribution

Basic PDU'S  /  ATA-STS

Monitoring  /  Switch and Monitor

A power distribution unit (PDU) or is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center. 

Server Rack storage

Rittal TS-IT Server Racks

Individual server racks or bayed solutions with all required extras, Server Cabinets. Including vented front and rear doors, adjustable feet and travelling casters.


Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment

For better enviromental control and access of bayed rack areas, the aisle containment system is an effective way of improving airflow management within Data Centres and IT rooms.

Secure Power connection Cabling

Locking IEC C13-C14 Connector

Locking IEC C19-C20 Connector

IEC Locking Cables with more options of length and colour for your customers. IEC Lock is a unique Locking IEC Connector socket system, Locking Power cables are now recommended to replace almost any standard power cable connection.

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Full UPS Range

G-NET Models

Local and remote control capability with RS232 or USB port compatible with SNMP. Self diagnosis and protection function. With Peak value of current and short circuit protection design.


Power IQ Monitoring

dcTrack DCIM Operations

 Data Centre Infrastructure Management Systems Tools, Power IQ reduces the time it takes to administer PX firmware updates, because it helps track and distribute those updates.

Cooling Systems

Air Movement Cooling Systems

Liquid Cooling Systems

Developed to remove high levels of heat from server enclosures, the high density cooling solution, high power computer fans, evaporators that expel the condensed water through the exhaust duct