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The role of a uninterruptible power supply system is to allow continued operation of the critical load during mains power failures. The uninterrupted power supply system also shields against a sharp rise in power, often called a power surge. An independent surge protector, which also provides protection from lightening, can also be used. Through use of a power strip, multiple devices can be connected and protected simultaneously. For comprehensive protection against power surges and power failures, choose a uninterruptible power supply system.


Gamatronic: Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)

G-ME Range

- Line Interactive 650- 1500VA

G-NET Range

- TODC 8X7AH 1

- 1-3KVA

G-NET 19" Rack Range

- TODC 19" 2U UPS + 2 Battteries 1-3KVA          

G-NET Range

- 6-10KVA Hard Wired

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UPS power supply System Features

- True on-line technology shields against mains power voltage fluctuations.

- Total support for overloads achieved through connecting batteries using galvanic isolation.

- Reliable outputs under all circumstances: whether under load, connected to the grid or off the grid.