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Rose Products

Trade Distributor for Rose Electronics

Trade Distributor for Rose Electronics in the UK.

We carry a wide range of the Rose products, others are available as BTO to almost any size and configuration

- Please call us to discuss the best devices with our product specialists, see just some of the solution and ranges below...


Rose KVM Multi User Matrix Multi User KVM Systems ( UTP & Fibre )


Orion X - Series

Expandable KVM Switch CATX or Fibre 48-288 Ports

1-287 user/ 1-287 Computer

Orion X Range

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Orion XC

Compact KVM Switch CatX or Fibre 8-80 Port

1-79 user/ 1-79 Computer

Orion XC Range

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8-16 User KVM Switch - DVI - CatX or Fibre

8-16 User / 8-32 Computers

Orion Range

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1-16 User KVM Switch

VGA - CatX

4,812,16 User / 16,32,48,64 Computers

Xtensys Range

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Rose Industrial KVM VGA Coax Matrix Switch systems

UltraMatrix E - Series

2-4 User KVM Switch -VGA

UltraMatrix EP2 Range

UltraMatrix EE2 Range

UltraMatrix EP4 Range

UltraMatrix EE4 Range

UltraMatrix X- Series

4-16 User KVM Switch - VGA



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Rose Single User KVM Switches

Rose Vista KVM Switch -Single PS2 User

Desk top or rack mountable entry level high quality industrial build KVM Switches



2 Port Mini Vista

4 Port Desk M Chassis  

4 & 8 Port L-Chassis 19 "


Rose Vista DVI Plus KVM Switch

2K Video resolution up to 2048 x 1080 WQXGA video resolution up to 2560 x1600

DVI Dual link/ USB 2.0 / Sterio Audio



Ultraview Pro KVM Switch - Scalable Single user


PC Platform Models M-Chassis 1U

PC Platform Models B-Chassis 1U 

PC Platform Models C-Chassis 2U

Multiplatform Models M-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models B-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models C-Chassis 2U



Ultraconsole KVM & Serial Switch (Multiplatform)

Single User


User Local only

User Remote IP & Local




MultiVideo KVM Switches

Single User KVM Switch Multi Video Head VGA/USB/PS2

Dual Video M Chassis

Dual Video B Chassis

Quad Video C Chassis



MultiVideo DVI KVM Switches


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ServeView Pro


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Vista Mini


PS2 VGA User

Resolution 1920 X 1440

Models Supporting PC, UNIX, USB, & AUDIO

VISTA Mini Range



Rose Accessories

Rose Ultra Cables

Rose ultra cables for D25 Port KVM Switches



Rose Converters (Uniport  User Adaptors)

Signal PS2-USB Convertors


Rose KVM Extenders

Rose CrystalView UTP KVM Extenders: 

PS2 & USB &


UTP - CrystalView Extenders Range


Rose CrystalView Fiber KVM Extenders

VGA/DVI/USB and Audio

CrystalView Pro


Fibre - CrystalView Pro Fiber Range DVI

ViewLink Mini Extenders


VGA /PS2/ Audio/ Serial

UTP - ViewLink Extenders Range




Rose CrystalView Chassis Extender Transmitters

Extender Multi Chassis





Rose Video Extenders and Splitters

Video DVI Splitter

Video output to multiple screens


Rack Mount Video Splitter

19 " Multisender units


Rose UTP Video Splitters



Rose Combiners:  Multiple video to single screen KVM Switch


( Unique 4 Computer images viewed on 1 Screen)

Rose QuadraVista

QuadraVista Mini

hdmi Mini



Rose KVM Sharers

KVM Sharer box units

Multi user to single PC


Rose KVM Sharer Devices

Class View - Sharer and Training System

Special offer prices on for different brands, including manufacturer clearance

Rose ClassView ( Training system )



Rose IP KVM Switches

UltraLink Devices

KVM IP Access routes

Ultralink  (IP Access to KVM)

UltraView Remote KVM Switches

Single User IP Access KVM Switches

UltraView Remote units


UltraMatrix Remote 2


Ip Access Multi User

Multi User KVM Switches

Ultramatrix Remote




Rose Console Drawer and Rack Screens

KVM Console Drawers

Rack mount access and control point


Rose KVM Console Drawer Ranges: RackView

KVM Rack Screens