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4K-3:9/1 Smart-e 4Konnect Range 4K Compatible 1x input 3x Output Splitter with fixed looping HDMI output 19" rack chassis

4K-3-9 PIC

Modular compact splitter unit capable of one HDMI source to 3 displays - local or remote via Cat6 cable.

The Smart-e 4K-3:9 allows up to three 4K-1:3 splitters to be housed conveniently in a 1U chassis. All three input bays and nine output bays are fully compliant with the 4Konnect range of modules. Modules can be mixed and matched creating a multitude of solutions.

Each selectable output bay can accept either a native HDMI module 4K-HDMI-I/O or a Cat6 transmitter module 4K-HDBT-TXF. A native HDMI output allows for a local display connection without the need for a Cat6 receiver whilst a Cat6 transmitter allows for a remote screen connection up to 150m away. Modules can be added later providing on-site expansion capability.

Each module position supports full HDMI digital video and embedded audio, with compatibility for HD 720p, 1080p, Ultra HD 2K and 4K resolutions together with pass through support for EDID, HDCP, CEC and control protocols. Each bay also allows for full duplex RS232, 100baseT Ethernet and reverse path IR.

Each of the 4K-1:3 units have a HDMI loop out allowing adjacent unit to be connected together creating larger splitters. The 1RU 19-inch form factor enables the device to be conveniently mounted within an AV rack or cabinet, using detachable rack ears. An internal PSU powers all modules and provides inline power to the external transmitter and receivers

Key Features

- HDMI, DVI & Display Port
- Deep Colour 3D, 4K & 2K
- 3D compatible & HDCP compliant
- Signals over a single 100m CAT 5-8 cable
- Infra-red & RS232 signal passthrough

- 1080p, Ultra HD 2K and 4K resolutions
- 3 x 1:3 splitters
- 100m Cat6 extension—HDBT
- IR Pass-through
- Ethernet pass-through to receivers
- Uses easy to install single CAT5e-8 cable
- Transparent RS232 pass-through
- Inline power to all external devices
- Cascading HDMI output
- Full 4K resolution
- HDMI, DVI-D & DisplayPort formats
- Detachable rack ears
- Built in PSU with IEC connector
- High ground loop immunity
- Transceiver configuration
- 1U x 300mm 19" rack mount chassis
- Field upgradeable

4K-3-9 typical setup