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SERV-INSTAL-EQP Services - Equipment On-site installation service

KVM, Serial console and Raritan Management equipment shown put into a typical network arrangement

For the larger Server control systems we not only supply we provide a total equipment installation service.

These vary depending on your particular needs and involve added free telephone support and then if required different site services.
Should you require any additional assistance with installation and setup we offer these as single man day or job task with many more additional site services covered:

-From basic equipment setup and possitioning of the system components.

-Training and run through of operation.

-Configuration of system for user access
variations and security improvements.

-Interconnection with with your compatible existing KVM Hardware equipment.

-System expansion and connection of long range communication links including UTP or Fibre Optic extension or IP Link access.

Free onsite surveys dependant on location.
Free advice of latest solution methods and equipment.
Experience multiskilled engineers.
Customised setups for your exact requirements.

Dominion KX Setup picture example

Free onsite surveys depending on location.
Free advice of latest installation methods.
Experienced multiskilled engineers.